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Dream Believe is a podcast about following your dreams and believing in yourself. George DeMartino taps into stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help us all learn how. His passionate storytelling and unique interviews will inspire you to Dream Believe.




98% of people live their lives and don't achieve their dreams or goals. They’re not really living - just following a routine. In this podcast, we hope to inspire you to take the path less beaten through the stories of others. Step into the arena. Subscribe and listen now to the Dream Believe podcast. We hope we can inspire you to take your first step.

OUR LISTENERS SHARE THEIR STORIES....of following their dreams

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enjoying life with
israel edmunds, jr

Israel Edmunds, Jr is from Newark, NJ where he grew up with his parents and sister. His work ethic and desire to help others come from his parents. Israel is a true entrepreneur at heart where he has owned a jewelry business and chose a career in sales selling real estate, cars, and more.  Israel’s outgoing personality and heart for helping others naturally draws people in and allows him to be the light God has called him to be.

Dream Believe Coming Soon Interview


choose to say "today is good" with inspiration
from kendal huntsman

Kendal Huntsman is a freelance photographer and inspirational blogger who is just a California country girl who loves Jesus, family, traveling, and overalls!  She picked up a camera at 16 years old and fell in love with telling stories through this simple yet powerful art form.  Transferring her skills to the world of social media and now inspiring others to make every day an Overall Good Day by CHOOSING JOY.


5 Steps to Empathy with thought leader and author Rob Volpe

Rob Velope is an astute observer of life and a master storyteller who brings empathy and compassion to the human race.  In his first book, Tell Me More About That, Rob Volpe draws on his thousands of interviews with everyday people to illustrate the 5 Steps to Empathy - actions you can use to build a reflexive empathy muscle.

Kristen Ulmer Podcast with Dream Believe

face your day head-on with
the fearless kristen ulmer

Kristen Ulmer was a professional skier for almost two decades and since retiring has been studying with a Zen master which has inspired her work.

Ulmer wrote a book The Art of Fear which challenges existing norms about what to do about fear and offers an alternative approach to resolving anxiety issues.

Listen to our Interview with the amazing John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire. With over 100 million listens of his 3000+ episodes, JLD has turned Entrepreneurs On Fire into a media empire that generates over a million listens every month and 7-figures of NET annual revenue 8-years in a row.

Dr Mark Goulston Podcast with Dream Believe

Wakeup Call with Dr. Mark Goulston

Stepping into a different section of the arena by chatting with Dr. Mark Goulston - a psychiatrist, executive coach, and consultant to major organizations.

Consistency is Key with Wally *Famous* Amos

In this episode, we chat with Wally "Famous Amos" the founder of Famous Amos Cookies.

Never Giving Up with Travis Rosbach

In this episode, we chat with Travis Rosbach the founder of Hydroflask and the Tumalo Group.

Travis Rosbach Dream Believe

Pursuing your Dreams with Bobby Funaro

In this episode, we chat with Bobby Funaro famously known for his portrayal of Eugene Pontecorvo on the Sopranos.

St Jude Children's Research Hospital Logo

The Dream Believe Podcast and our host, George DeMartino are raising funds to support St. Jude's lifesaving mission of finding cures for children battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases. This message strikes home with George who raised his sons to dream, believe, and never give up on their goals. For one of his boys, the goal was to become a Pediatric Doctor of Oncology. The altruistic nature of this profession has inspired The Dream Believe Podcast, and we need your help to reach our fundraising goal.

George DeMartino Picture

About Our HOST

George DeMartino will be the first to tell you about his two accomplished boys, shortly followed by a brief anecdote about always pushing himself and others to achieve their dreams. It’s a sort of mantra for George, that you can achieve your dreams if you just believe in what you’re doing and push to accomplish your goals no matter the obstacles. DeMartino’s incredibly unique career timeline proves just that.

From his start in the auto industry and a move towards management, George followed an extremely unique path that included jumping ship to bake cookies, growing national specialty-food brands, pursuing a career in comedy, producing pilots for major TV networks, becoming a nationally syndicated radio host, and much, much more.

These life experiences are the catalyst for DeMartino committing fully to the value of following his dreams, believing in himself, and never giving up. This is the passion he instilled in his two sons and all those that surround him. All of this has led him to the creation of this podcast where sharing his stories and those of others will hopefully serve to motivate and inspire you to Dream, Believe on your path to following your dreams.

A history of unorthodox achievement

The Sullivans

The Sullivans Pilot tells the story of George DeMartino and his realization that his family was indeed Irish, not Italian.

George DeMartino Comedy Set

A taste of Georges's stand-up comedy performed live at the Comedy Connection in Rhode Island.

Out of bounds

George's pitch tv show sold to Fox Sports about the first comedy sports show hosted by regular guys for regular guys!

Chicago's Fox News Feature

George's interview on FOX TV in Chicago about his syndicated radio show called Wheeling and Dealing.

Short Demo for the Wheeling and Dealing Radio show

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when buying a new car. The problem is that the dealers tend to have the advantage with a sometimes intimidating style and overwhelming advertising specials. George DeMartino is here to level the playing field and give the leverage back to the consumer to get a fair deal.

Wheeling & Dealing is a show that takes the consumer backstage in the automobile business, letting them know the real truth behind the deal and how to avoid the pitfalls. George educates the consumer on negotiating the best deal and handling themselves inside the glass jungle of the new car showroom. George also prepares the consumer on how to be knowledgeable about the car they are purchasing and the value of their trade which is imperative when making a good deal.

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